Hercules Recycled 2.0

Here it is








Every filmmaker prays that their work will garner stellar reviews:  




“Stunning!”            “A visual masterpiece!”           “Move over Tarantino!”




But what if there was a movie that blew straight through the guardrails of good taste, political correctness and common decency?  A cinematic train wreck you can’t look away from.  An aberration that, instead of praise, garnered comments such as: 




“Even acetone won’t wash this off.”  “This dog has no tail.” 




Well, this is it!




Combining the cheesiest parts of nine epic “Sword and Sandal” movies, Hercules Recycled 2.0 is an insane, redubbed hybrid comedy/adventure set in a future where the power’s run out and the world has collapsed into primal chaos. 




Throw in two teenagers in togas, Eyezilla, a mercenary mariachi band, a space puppet, the kitchen sink (literally) and over 150 CGI effects and you’ve got the movie that took over forty years to make with only 30 seconds of rational thought.







Grab some Tums, watch the trailer and prepare to be scarred for life.  This bad boy is going to make everything you ever trolled look good!




Please give it a horrendously glowing review that your followers can chew on – we need the money.



P.S. We were voted the most popular booth at Tokyo Comic-Con – by a people with an insatiable appetite for rampaging monsters and sword-wielding studs with REAL tans.